Kurt Randolph

Kurt started swimming at a very young age. He swam with his swim team for a few years when he was younger but didn’t find freediving or any diving until he went to college, where he got a Degree in Eco Tourism and Adventure travel. This is where he got introduced to SCUBA diving; though he enjoyed it, he considered it more of a hobby than a sport. Then he found freediving. He took a FII level 2 course and was hooked. He took what he learned and started putting it into practice while still living in Ohio. Kurt later started traveling with his wife Michelle, because of their diving careers, where they ended up in Grand Cayman. He has been living in Cayman and working with SeaTrek and SNUBA for almost 5 years. Both he and his wife now run the company together. With other dedicated dive buddies on the island, Kurt was able to start pushing his limits. Kurt loves the challenge freediving gives, learning new techniques and pushing to new limits. Kurt entered his first Freediving competition at DejaBlue5 which is conveniently held in Grand Cayman. He realize how much fun they can be and made sure to compete every year after, which has helped him to continue to keep training and to get better. Winning 2nd place his first year and overall winner his second year.

When not in the water, Kurt enjoys chillin’ with his wife, happy hour with friends, watching TV and playing video games.
With freediving competitions being mostly about individual results Kurt, is excited to compete as a team representing the USA in the AIDA Team World Championships.