Mandy Sumner Wins Gold at World Championships

Limassol, Cyprus, September 18, 2015

Mandy Sumner of Hawaii, won a Gold Medal in the Constant Weight No Fins (CNF) discipline at the AIDA sanctioned World Championships in Cyprus.

The athletes were faced with many adventures leading up to the start of the 9-day event; dust storms, unusually early start times due water conditions, judge resignations, and for Mandy personally, a countdown error that cost her a white card for her CNF dive. She successfully protested and upon judges’ review of the video footage, was able to reschedule her dive for a second attempt.

In spite of all of the distractions, and no surface coach to support her, Mandy completed her                                               2 minutes and 27 seconds dive and received the white card, which then earned her the Gold Medal in this discipline. CNF dive to 58meters/ 190 feet.

Mandy Sumner is a determined and dedicated diver who will continue to represent the US, for the remainder of the year, at both depth and pool competitions worldwide.

{photo credit: Daan Verhoeven} {written by: Dor Croston}