Meghan Gilmore

Meghan Gilmore started Freediving in 2013 with her dad Tom, via PFI Intermediate Freediver course .   Four months later Meghan became a certified Advanced Freediver and Safey Supervisor with PFI.   Meghan began competing  at Deja Blue 6 in 2015.   She has consistently achieved Personal Bests  in competition over the last two years and has been in close contention for the US National Record, in the pool discipline Dynamic No Fins.

Meghan grew up in Daphne, Alabama and swam competitively through High School.   She graduated from University of Mobile with a BSN RN and now works as a critical care nurse in San Diego, California.
“Being in the water is a part of my DNA. My dad taught my siblings and I to swim before we could walk. Since then, if there’s rain, I’m playing in it. If there’s a pool, I’m jumping in it. Some of my favorite memories are hanging on my dad’s back swimming, bumping up to barracuda and jellyfish in the ocean along the Florida coast.”
“PFI intermediate and advanced courses opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities. Over the past few years, I have been introduced to wonderful people who allowed me to push my limits in freediving. Representing Team USA with my dad is a tremendous opportunity and I’m super stoked, to represent.”