US National Record-Kurt Chambers-FIM 96m

Kurt Chambers of Kona, Hawaii has another National Record to add to his collection. He broke the 94 meter record he set in 2016, by pulling down 2 more meters in the discipline Free Immersion.

Kurt was one of many international divers at the 2nd annual Blue Element Freediving Competition, but the only athlete from the US. Hosted by renowned freedivers Sofia Gomez and Johnny Sunnex, Blue Element is a prestigious competition event on the beautiful island of Dominica.

After he surfaced from his 3 minute and 1 second dive, Kurt’s quick and seemingly easy surface protocol earned him a white card from the AIDA judges. He was immediately congratulated by current FIM World Record holder Sayuri Kinoshita. She knows exactly what it feels like to pull down to 96 meters/ 315 feet and back up, because she’s been there, in fact, her record is one meter deeper.

Kurt Chambers also holds the current US National Record in Constant Weight with a monofin (CWT) and he’s completely capable of extending that record as well.

For this dive he sends thanks to “Octopus Freediving, Merman Custom Gear, and Cetma Composites for their help with my gear, Katie Pentz for being my coach, and Jonathan Sunnex for putting on the fantastic Blue Element competition.”


Congratulations, Kurt!